CDN's roots go back to the 1980's when we began as a one-man engineering consultancy.  By the early 1990's CDN had grown to 6 engineers and moved into a 5,000 square foot German Tudor style castle in West Bend.  In the basement 2-car garage of that building we assembled our first prototype shop, including a CNC milling machine, RTV molding, and a paint booth.

In 1997 we built what is now our current facility; a 16,000 square foot purpose-built product development building with a modular, open concept design studio and an industrial style prototype shop. During the next few years our rapid growth continued in both design talent and shop equipment.  We were now a stand-alone product development firm with everything from industrial design through pre-production prototypes.  As we grew we continued to refine our services based on our client's needs, including the addition of production assembly and distribution for some clients.

Over the years the products we've designed have included consumer products, medical equipment, sports equipment, lawn & garden equipment, commercial equipment, modular shelters, and alternative energy infrastructure equipment, all of which has led to well over 200 patents.  Our model shop has built countless prototypes ranging from visual styling models up to full-scale, fully-functional industrial equipment.  Most of our clients return to us year after year; a few clients have been with us for nearly 20 years.