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Cabrio Structure module patio structure.
Cabrio Structures airplane hanger.

Outthinking the Outdoors.

Kent Forsland is no stranger to business success. In 1987 Kent turned his passion for architecture into a business and launched Designer Doors, a company which designs, constructs and installs custom carriage-house garage doors for clients across North America. After 20 years of creating “architectural harmony,” Kent proudly sold the company to its employees with plans to retire, but like most entrepreneurs Kent’s personal needs spawned yet another business idea and CDN was called in to support Kent’s vision.

Kent wanted to locate a small airplane hangar on his property but could not find anything architecturally compatible. He also noticed many restaurants had a need for patio seating even when the weather was inclement. After some additional research, Kent determined there was definitely a need in the market that was not being met and figured why not develop a modular structure that can be customized to meet every customer’s structure and style preferences and so that’s exactly what he did. CDN not only developed Kent’s airplane hangar, but also developed a modular patio cover which is attractive, easy to use and allows people and businesses to be outside more often.

“I quickly realized the enclosure design would present numerous engineering challenges – many of which I could not solve on my own. I didn’t have an engineering team – or much experience with large aluminum extrusions. I knew the engineering support I needed would be at its highest during initial development. I considered creating my own team, but wondered how I would keep them busy after the design was done? So, after crunching the numbers, I realized it made the most sense to outsource the initial engineering required to experts while I set up the manufacturing team. CDN was chosen on the recommendation from a local aluminum extrusion supplier I had worked with. CDN provided research, design, engineering, prototyping and testing support. They are experts at what they do and I highly recommend them every chance I get.”
Photo of Kent Forsland.
Kent Forsland
Founder and CEO, Cabrio Structures